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广州旅游翻译公司:中国游客无视萨德争端 赴韩游人次不降反升

作者: 来源: 日期:2017/1/12 9:18:20

Chinese tourism to South Korea booms despite missile shield spat





Record numbers of Chinese travellers visited South Korea last year, with the pull of food and shopping trumping politics even after Beijing’s warnings that tourism would be hit by fallout from Seoul’s decision to install a US ballistic missile shield.



There were more than 3.8m Chinese tourist entries into South Korea in the four months following Seoul’s July decision to host the US’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system, a 27 per cent year-on-year increase. Chinese state media had said visitor numbers would plummet.



Some of the relative rise is explained by a drop in tourist demand caused by an outbreak of the Mers virus in 2015. But the 2016 figures are also a large increase over the same period in 2014, when South Korea welcomed about 2.3m Chinese tourists, according to official statistics.



The numbers suggest limitations to China’s efforts to mobilise its tens of millions of outbound tourists for policy ends. Analysts said South Korea’s proximity to China and the enduring appeal of its cuisine, pop culture and cosmetics among Chinese tourists suggested numbers would continue to grow in 2017.



South Korea says the Thaad platform will defend it against attacks from nuclear-capable North Korea but China views it as undermining its own defence capabilities. A Chinese official last week privately warned some of South Korea’s largest companies that business would suffer if the Thaad plans proceeded. Lotte Group has faced Chinese probes after it sold land for the shield’s installation.

韩国表示,萨德系统可使韩免受具备核能力的朝鲜的打击。但中国认为,该系统削弱了中国自身的防卫能力。上周,一名中国官员私下警告韩国部分大企业称,如果推进萨德计划,它们的生意将会受到影响。由于曾转让土地用于萨德系统的部署,乐天集团(Lotte Group)已受到中国方面的调查。


The Chinese government last year informed South Korean tour agencies of plans to cut tourism from China by 20 per cent and limit shopping days on tours, diplomats briefed on the matter have said. But political tensions were “not really a factor” determining Chinese visitor numbers last year, with the appeal of K-pop and local cosmetics brands playing the main role, said Ruyi Xu, director of China research at Mintel, a consultancy. “I think the data speaks for itself.”



The Global Times, which has close ties to China’s ruling Communist party, reported in August that “South Korea’s tourism industry has to run into a strong headwind as anti-South Korea sentiment grows,” warning that “no other country can fill the vacancy if Chinese visitors go away”.

与执政的中共关系密切的《环球时报》(Global Times)去年8月报道称,随着反韩情绪不断增长,韩国旅游业必将遭遇强劲的顶头风。该报还警告称,如果中国游客走开,没有哪个国家能填补这个空缺。广州旅游翻译公司。


However, Daniel Meesak of Jing Travel, which monitors Chinese tourists, said that while “Chinese media have been pushing this agenda” that tourist visits would decline, “the numbers simply point in a different direction”.

然而,跟踪研究中国游客的《精旅传媒》(Jing Travel)的丹尼尔•米萨克(Daniel Meesak)表示,尽管“中国媒体一直在推进(游客人次会减少)这个议题,数据却指向了另一个方向”。


Beijing has denied applications from South Korean airlines to add charter flights between the two countries for January and February — a peak travel season that includes the lunar new year holiday. Several of China’s main package-tour companies are state-run, potentially giving officials more sway.

中国政府已否决了韩国航空公司提出的、为今年1月和2月增添两国间包机航班的申请——这段时期是涵盖农历春节假期的旅游高峰季。中国主要的包办(package tour)旅游公司中,有数家是国营的,这可能会让官方拥有更大的影响力。


But those companies have become less important as Chinese travellers increasingly book independent travel through websites such as Ctrip, according to Maggie Rauch, an Asian tourism analyst at Phocuswright. Beijing could also move to alter its visa regime, she added, although that “would be a long-term project”.

不过,按照Phocuswright亚洲旅游业分析师玛吉•劳赫(Maggie Rauch)的说法,随着越来越多的中国游客通过携程(Ctrip)等网站订制自由行,上述旅游公司的重要性已然下降。


Meanwhile, the rise has prompted some soul-searching online. Under a thread titled “If South Korea has installed Thaad, why have tourist numbers gone up?” on question-and-answer site Zhihu, one user joked: “Maybe because they have relative confidence in Thaad’s attack and defence capabilities”.



Additional reporting by Song Jung-a in Seoul

宋京雅(Song Jung-a)首尔补充报道



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