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作者: 来源: 日期:2016-11-22 8:51:13

US banks face higher costs after tit-for-tat Brussels blow





Brussels is proposing to tighten its grip over overseas banks operating in the EU in a tit-for-tat step against the US that will raise costs for big foreign lenders and potentially hurt the City of London after Brexit.



The European Commission will disclose provisions tomorrow that mirror controversial US “intermediate holding company” rules ringfencing foreign bank capital. When those were anno­u­nced in 2014, the EU complained to Wash­ington of “protectionism” and threatened to retaliate.

欧盟委员会(European Commission)将于明日披露的规定与有争议的美国“中介控股公司”规则(要求圈护外资银行资本)如出一辙。当2014年美国宣布这些规则的时候,欧盟指责华盛顿推行“保护主义”,并威胁要进行报复。


If adopted in EU law, the commission proposals would force big US investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to trap add­itional capital and liquidity in the EU so their subsidiaries can be separately wound up in a crisis by European authorities.

如果这些提议成为欧盟法律,它将迫使高盛(Goldman Sachs)和摩根大通(JPMorgan)等美国大型投行在欧盟保留额外的资本和流动性,让欧洲当局能够在危机中将它们的子公司单独清盘。


The counterblow from Brussels, slipped into late drafts of the proposal, will be welcomed by EU banks that complain of an unlevel playing field with US rivals. But it underlines the accelerating trend towards fragmentation in financial rules, as jurisdictions assert control even at the risk of duplicating international requirements.



Although EU officials insist the proposal was drafted without Brexit in mind, the reforms would potentially affect London as a non-EU financial ­centre. The proposal could add costs and complexity to UK-based banks by forcing them to establish a separate pool of capital in the EU after the country leaves the bloc. “This is a taste of what is to come,” said one adviser to an investment bank caught up by the rules. “At a time when everyone is rethinking bank structures, it adds one more point of uncertainty.”



The move is likely to stoke tension between the US and Europe ignited by a $14bn claim on Deutsche Bank from the US Department of Justice to settle claims of mis-selling mortgage securities.

此举可能加剧美国与欧洲的紧张关系,此前德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)被美国司法部罚款140亿美元以了结针对其违规销售抵押贷款证券的调查,从而让美欧关系紧张起来。


US banks say that they are already forced to hold significant amounts of capital and liquidity in their large UK operations. But if Europe presses ahead with the latest proposals it could force them to increase the amount of resources they have tied up in Europe.



The measures are part of a package of reforms that Valdis Dombrovskis, the EU vice-president overseeing financial services, will bring forward tomorrow. The holding-company requirements are included in revisions to the capital requirements directive, which introduce rules intended to prevent banks from becoming “too big to fail”.

这些措施是欧盟负责金融服务的副主席瓦尔蒂斯•东布罗夫斯基斯(Valdis Dombrovskis)将于明日提出的改革方案的一部分。控股公司要求被包括在《资本要求指令》(Capital Requirements Directive)的修订版当中,后者推出了旨在阻止银行“过大而不能倒闭”的规则。


These include a measure, known as total loss absorbing capacity, that aims to force the very biggest banks to fund themselves through equity and hybrid debt that can absorb losses in a crisis. Drafts seen by the Financial Times in effect extend TLAC requirements to subsidiaries of non-EU banks that are globally systemic or those with total assets of more than €30bn.




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