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作者: 来源: 日期:2016-09-18 9:50:25

UK gives go-ahead for ‘revised’ £18bn Hinkley Point plant





Theresa May has given the go-ahead for the proposed £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset following a “revised agreement” with French company EDF, ending months of uncertainty over the fate of Europe’s biggest energy project.

在与法国电力(EDF)“修订协议”后,英国新任首相特里萨•梅(Theresa May)放行了投资额达180亿英镑的萨默塞特郡(Somerset)欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电站项目,数月来欧洲最大能源项目的命运面临的不确定性终于消散。广州核电翻译公司。


The plans were unexpectedly put on hold in July to give the new UK prime minister time to assess concerns over its high cost, unproven technology and the role of Chinese investors in a plant that is expected to meet about 7 per cent of domestic electricity demand.



However, Mrs May has concluded that Hinkley is crucial to keeping Britain’s lights on and reducing carbon emissions as old power stations accounting for more than half the country’s existing generating capacity are phased out over the next 15 years.



Following a comprehensive review of the Hinkley Point C project, and a revised agreement with EDF, the government has decided to proceed with the first new nuclear power station for a generation,” the UK government said on Thursday morning.



However, ministers will impose a new legal framework for future foreign investment in Britain’s critical infrastructure, which will include nuclear energy and apply after Hinkley.”



Under the new legal framework, the UK will take a “special share in all future nuclear new build projects”, which the government said would ensure significant stakes cannot be sold without its consent.



Greg Clark, UK business secretary, said the government was seeking guarantees from EDF that the company would not dispose of its stake without government consent until the plant is built.

英国商务大臣格雷格•克拉克(Greg Clark)表示,政府正寻求让法国电力保证,欣克利角核电站建成前,该公司不会未经英国政府同意处置其所持股份。


The safeguards followed scrutiny by Mrs May and her advisers of the one-third stake held by state-owned Chinese companies in the Hinkley project — and an associated plan for them to build a subsequent power plant with EDF at Bradwell in Essex using Chinese reactor technology.



The proposal for the government to hold a “golden share” in future nuclear projects appeared designed to address concerns that China would gain too much control over UK power supplies.



The decision to press ahead with Hinkley promises to shore up relations with France and China at an uncertain time in UK foreign policy after its vote to leave the EU. However, the enhanced security measures could yet cause tensions if they posed obstacles to the Bradwell project, which is seen as a showcase for Chinese nuclear technology.



The green light for Hinkley marks one of the first big strategic calls of Mrs May’s premiership, committing the UK to a scheme in which construction costs will be fully financed by EDF, the French utility, and its Chinese partners in return for a fixed price of electricity.



EDF said that it was “delighted” by the decision which “marks the conclusion of ten years of preparation and rigorous planning”.



There was no suggestion in Thursday’s announcement of any change to the financial terms of the deal with EDF under which the French utility will receive £92.50 per megawatt hour of electricity produced by Hinkley, rising with inflation, for 35 years.



Critics have argued that the guaranteed price is too expensive at a time when wholesale electricity prices are currently less than half that figure.



They have also questioned the likelihood of the 3.2-gigawatt plant being finished on time in 2025 given the multiyear delays to similar projects involving EDF’s European Pressurised Reactors (EPR) in France and Finland.


考虑到几个类似的项目拖延了多年,批评者还对这座3.2吉瓦的核电站能否在2025年按时完工提出了质疑。这几个类似项目涉及法国电力在法国和芬兰建设的欧洲压水反应堆(European Pressurised Reactors)


EDF says it has learnt lessons from its construction problems elsewhere and that the cost of electricity from Hinkley is competitive with other forms of low-carbon energy such as wind power.



Hinkley would be the first new nuclear reactor in the UK since 1995. Others are expected to follow, with Japanese and South Korean investors also lining up to help the government meet a goal for 14GW of new generating capacity from nuclear power by 2035.



As well as its implications for energy security, the Hinkley review has also been closely watched for its diplomatic repercussions. Cancellation would have risked straining relations with France ahead of negotiations over Brexit, and with China at a time when London is eager to strengthen its trade ties beyond Europe.



Hinkley is seen as crucial to the future of the French nuclear industry — and its tens of thousands of jobs — and also to China’s ambitions to build a global presence in the sector.



Mrs May’s decision to launch the review within weeks of taking office was seen as an abrupt cooling in the government’s attitude to Chinese investment in strategic UK infrastructure after the aggressive efforts by David Cameron’s administration to open a “golden age” in UK-Sino economic relations.

梅在上任数周后就决定对该项目展开审查,曾被视为标志着英国政府对中国投资英国战略性基础设施的态度突然降温。此前,戴维•卡梅伦(David Cameron)政府曾展开积极的努力,开启英中经济关系的“黄金时代”。


The CBI lobby group welcomed the decision, saying it would give investors a “real boost to their confidence in the UK”.



Justin Bowden, national secretary for energy at trade union GMB, said of the project’s approval: “It will be a big relief for the 25,000 quality jobs which were put at risk by the latest delay, never mind the reputational damage inflicted on UK plc.”

在谈到该项目获批时,工会组织GMB的能源业全国书记贾斯汀•鲍登(Justin Bowden)表示:“对于因最近的拖延而面临风险的2.5万个优质工作岗位来说,这让人大大地松了一口气,更不用说这种拖延对英国企业的声誉造成的损害了。”


Additional reporting by Michael Stothard in Paris and John Murray Brown in London

迈克尔•斯托瑟德(Michael Stothard)巴黎、约翰•默里-布朗(John Murray Brown)伦敦补充报道



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