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作者: 来源: 日期:2017-01-13 9:03:35

US challenges China over cheap loans to aluminium producers





US president Barack Obama has fired a parting shot at Beijing with his administration launching a challenge to one of the competitive pillars of the Chinese economy just a week before leaving office.

美国总统巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)在卸任一周前对北京方面采取行动,他领导的行政当局向中国经济的竞争支柱之一发起挑战。。


Yesterday, the US launched a new case at the World Trade organisation that is nominally targeted at the Chinese aluminium industry. The US and others have accused China of flooding world markets with underpriced aluminium, steel and other products in recent years.



But according to US officials, the latest case, is aimed squarely at challenging how Beijing’s financial sector subsidises China’s industry via artificially cheap financing.



We’re taking action to protect the workers — at home and around the world — who are hurt every day by these policies,” Mr Obama said. “China gives its aluminium industry an unfair advantage through underpriced loans and other illegal government subsidies. These kinds of policies have disadvantaged American manufacturers and contributed to the global glut in aluminium, steel, and other sectors.”



The move highlights how trade tensions between the US and China have been growing even before Donald Trump takes office in Washington.

此举突显出,即使在唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)尚未在华盛顿就职之前,美国和中国之间的贸易紧张就已升温。。


It is also a gift to Mr Trump. The incoming president has appointed a band of hawks to deliver on his campaign vow to crack down on China, which he said on Wednesday had “taken total advantage of us economically”. Should the US win the latest case, Mr Trump would be able to claim victory.



Mr Obama’s administration has taken a more measured public approach towards economic diplomacy with China. But it has also rolled out a steady stream of trade cases against Beijing. Yesterday’s case is the 16th filed by the outgoing president against China at the WTO.



The US has also mounted a steady stream of anti-dumping cases against Chinese steel and other products.



Our record of tough enforcement with China speaks for itself: When China cheats, we’ve been right there,” said Mike Froman, the US trade representative.

“我们对中国严格追究的记录本身就说明问题:当中国作弊时,我们就在那里,”美国贸易代表迈克•弗罗曼(Mike Froman)表示。


US officials have grown frustrated with China’s slow delivery of promised economic reforms and increasingly sceptical about the prospect for future reforms.



That frustration has also been behind US resistance to granting China “market economy” status within the WTO, something Beijing claims should have been awarded automatically last month with the 15th anniversary of it joining the global trade body.



The latest case is aimed at one particular area of US frustration: what the US sees as China’s overproduction of aluminium and its damaging impact on US industry.



The US claims that through artificially cheap loans China illegally subsidised its aluminium industry and caused an expansion of Chinese production and market share as well as a slump in global prices in recent years. Besides low-cost loans China also provides low-priced coal, electricity, and alumina to its producers, the US says.



China’s subsidies have done enormous damage to the US and global aluminium industries,” said Michael Bless, chief executive of Century Aluminum.

“中国的补贴对美国乃至全球铝业造成了巨大损害,”美国世纪铝业公司(Century Aluminum)首席执行官迈克尔•布莱斯(Michael Bless)表示。