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作者: 来源: 日期:2016-12-16 8:49:13

US launches WTO challenge to China’s grain import curbs





The Obama administration has added to the growing trade battles with China even before Donald Trump takes office, launching a World Trade Organisation challenge to Chinese restrictions on grain imports.

奥巴马政府在唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)甚至还未上任之前就扩大了美中之间愈演愈烈的贸易争执,在世界贸易组织(WTO)挑战中国对谷物进口的限制。广州贸易翻译公司。


The latest US case is focused on China’s administration of import quotas for corn, rice and wheat, which Washington claims unfairly limit its exports to China. It is the 15th WTO action brought against Beijing by the Obama administration.



The case highlights how trade and other tensions between the US and China are escalating even as Mr Trump and his administration prepare to take over, having promised to take a hard line with Beijing on trade and other issues. It also points to broader fears about how the Republican president-elect will manage the world’s most important economic relationship.



The move came just days after China took the US and EU to the WTO over their refusal to grant it “market economy” status within the trade body and amid other signs that China is already waging a tit-for-tat commercial war with the US. On Wednesday, shares in General Motors fell after Beijing announced that it was preparing to fine an unnamed US carmaker operating in China for “monopolistic behaviour”.

美国采取这一行动的几天前,中国将美国和欧盟告上世贸组织,焦点是美欧拒绝在这个贸易组织内部授予中国“市场经济”地位,同时另有迹象显示,中国已经对美国发起一场针锋相对的商业战争。通用汽车(General Motors)股价周三下跌,此前北京方面宣布,正准备处罚一家未点名的在华经营美国汽车制造商的“垄断行为”。


Analysts see this week’s volleys as likely to be just the beginning of a downturn in relations, particularly if Mr Trump delivers on campaign promises to dub China a currency manipulator or to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese imports into the US. Since the election, Mr Trump has also angered Beijing by taking a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s president and declaring that he might revisit the US’s longstanding “One China” policy.



I think we were on track for a rockier relationship whoever won the [US] presidential election,” said Matthew Goodman, senior adviser for Asian economics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. But Mr Trump’s persistent anti-China rhetoric and his testing of what had been the norms in the relationship boded badly, he said.

“我认为,无论谁赢得美国总统大选,我们都会迎来更加不稳定的关系,”华盛顿战略与国际问题研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)亚洲经济事务高级顾问马修•古德曼(Matthew Goodman)表示。但他说,特朗普一再的反中国言论和他对双边关系中的惯例的试探是不祥的预兆。


It is unusual and a little bewildering that we are already getting into this kind of turmoil even before inauguration day [January 20],” Mr Goodman said. “We all keep hoping that once he takes office things will settle back to normal. But there’s no evidence of that yet.”



Among the concerns for the relationship, Mr Goodman said, was a growing suspicion of rising Chinese investment in the US that echoed some of the domestic fears raised by 1980s Japanese investment. Chinese companies are expected to invest some $30bn in the US this year but at the same time are facing growing political scrutiny.



US businesses also complain of a more hostile environment in China and that is undermining a key force in the relationship. “Unlike Japan in the 1980s when we had the [security] alliance to balance trade frictions, with China we don’t have that. We have the inverse [because of a security rivalry],” Mr Goodman said. “The business community has been the main ballast and if we lose that, it will have a major impact.”



Any trade moves by Mr Trump could find broad political support in the US, although economists have warned of potentially dire consequences for the US economy. Yesterday’s launch of the latest WTO case was welcomed by both Republicans and Democrats, particularly from farm states.



Today's enforcement action on China’s administration of tariff-rate quotas for wheat, corn, and rice appears to be yet another example of China's refusal to play by the rules,” said Pat Roberts, the Republican chairman of the Senate agriculture committee.

“今日对中国小麦、玉米和大米关税配额制度采取的执法行动,似乎是中国拒绝遵守规则的又一个例子,”参议院农业委员会的共和党主席帕特•罗伯茨(Pat Roberts)表示。


We need to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices that hurt American farmers,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow, top committee Democrat.

民主党在该委员会的头号人物、参议员德比•斯塔伯诺(Debbie Stabenow)说,“我们需要追究中国方面损害美国农民利益的不公平贸易行为的责任。”



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