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作者: 来源: 日期:2016-11-15 8:49:07

Union vows to block any China move for Osram





Germany’s powerful IG Metall labour union will block any attempt by Chinese investors to buy Osram, the lighting company, in a further sign of the growing backlash against China’s involvement in the country’s high-tech sector.

强大的德国金属产业工会(IG Metall)将阻扰中国投资者收购照明设备制造公司欧司朗(Osram)的任何努力,这进一步显示出针对中国涉足该国高科技领域的反弹日益强烈。广州收购翻译公司。


Last month, China’s San’an Optoelectronics said it had held talks with Osram on a possible acquisition of the group, which was formed in 1919 and makes lighting products and semiconductors.

上月,中国的三安光电(San'an Optoelectronics)表示,该公司与欧司朗就可能的收购举行了谈判。创建于1919年的欧司朗是一家生产照明设备和半导体的公司。


Go Scale, a Chinese private equity firm, has also expressed interest in Osram, which has a market capitalisation of about €5bn, although neither it nor San’an Opto have tabled a firm bid.

中国私募股权公司Go Scale也表示有意收购欧司朗,尽管它和三安光电都没有提交确定的报价。欧司朗目前的市值大约为50亿欧元。


But Jürgen Wechsler, head of IG Metall’s Bavarian branch, said a takeover carried “significant risks in terms of the outflow of critical know-how and the cancellation of projects by customers”.

但德国金属产业工会巴伐利亚分会会长约根•威克斯勒(Jürgen Wechsler)表示,“收购具有重大风险,可能导致关键技术外泄和客户取消项目”。广州收购翻译公司。


Mr Wechsler, who is the deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens’ healthcare unit, said in view of the risks “and the possible negative consequences for [Osram’s] workers, we will vehemently oppose any takeover attempt”.



Timo Günther, IG Metall spokesman, said there was “a real fear” that any potential acquirer would just want to “siphon off Osram’s technology” and shift production to another location outside Germany.

德国金属产业工会发言人蒂莫•冈瑟(Timo Günther)表示,人们“真正担忧的是”,任何潜在收购方只是想要“吸走欧司朗的技术”,而把生产转移到德国境外的地点。广州收购翻译公司。


The union’s intervention comes at a time of rising resistance to Chinese investment in German industry, amid fears that some of the country’s most advanced technology is ending up in Chinese hands.



Sigmar Gabriel, deputy chancellor and economics minister, has been leading the protectionist charge. He voiced opposition this year to the acquisition of German robotmaker Kuka by Midea, a Chinese appliance maker, and his ministry has also launched reviews of Chinese attempts to take over Aixtron, which makes semiconductor equipment, and Osram’s general lamps division.

德国副总理兼经济部长西格马尔•加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)是保护主义的领军人物。他今年表态反对中国家电制造商美的(Midea)收购德国机器人公司库卡(Kuka),德国经济部还对中资企业收购芯片设备制造商爱思强(Aixtron)和欧司朗旗下的照明设备公司发起了审查。


The economics ministry has also drafted a proposed law that would make it easier for the government to block Chinese acquisitions.



Mr Wechsler said Osram, which was spun out of Siemens and listed in Frankfurt in 2013, was well placed in its markets, had a solid capital structure and attractive growth potential “through its focus on technological innovation and customised solutions”. For that reason, it “doesn’t need any partner and is well-positioned on its own”.



Osram declined to comment.



Supporters of Chinese investment in Germany say IG Metall’s fears over potential job losses and factory closures are overdone. When Midea acquired Kuka, for example, it committed itself to preserve existing jobs and factory sites for the next seven-and-a-half years, and not to delist or restructure the company during that period.



Experts also say it is unclear how exactly IG Metall could block a takeover attempt if it was backed by all shareholder representatives on the supervisory board. The union has only two people on the board, of a total of six workers’ representatives.



However, the shareholder representatives would obviously want to avoid any conflict with the worker’s representatives,” Mr Günther said.



A person familiar with Osram’s strategy said IG Metall was trying to “create a protective wall” and a “sense of insecurity” around the company which would deter any potential bidders.




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